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We will be very pleased to help you in choice of variety, color and shape of wedding bouquet. Wedding bouquet is possible to order according to your picture (e.g. from the internet). Contact us

We tie // offer

  • Wedding bouquets
  • Lapel flower
  • Bouquets for mothers, bridesmaid
  • Floral bracelets
  • Wedding car decorations
  • Myrtle, myrtle wreaths
  • Wedding table decorations
  • Pillows for rings


How much costs wedding bouquet from you?

Prices of wedding bouquets are very individual. According to season of the year, price affects used amount of flowers and flowers varieties. Average price of wedding bouquet „FLORIS“ is 1500,- Kč. We are doing individual pricing only after all details (that we need to know for pricing) are clarified.

When should I order wedding flowers?

Flowers are substantially different goods - and because of your order booking - is good to place order as soon as possible, idealy immediately after you know date of your wedding cremony.

Is it possible place wedding order online?

Yes, but it requires contact us by email - Contact us

Is it possible to get a discount?

Yes, if your order is higher than 9 000,- Kč you automatically get -15% of the final amount.